When Green Things Appear Right Before Yor Eyes

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green onion bulbs

Sometimes you just know something can be reused, even if you don’t just how yet.

We like green onions around here. They go in soups, in rice, in casseroles, and pretty much anything I think to toss a handful in. But silly me, I’ve always tossed the bulbs into the compost and bought a new bunch. Then yesterday, I stood holding the bulbs in my hand and had a thought. What is cutting them up isn’t killing them?

I know, some of you may be rolling your eyes at me now. How can something keep staring you in the face every day and not sink in? A quick Google search later confirmed it, I can replant those bulbs and get at least 3-4 more batches from them before they can’t take anymore.

So my sweet little bulbs went into a pot and joined the rest of my containers on the back patio. They’re in good company, as the peas are really coming up and the tomatoes and peppers are starting to peek through. Unfortunately, my herbs have yet to materialize. I’m afraid that all the rain we got may have drowned them.

So, how many of you have suddenly been hit by the realization that something could be reused in some way? Have you suddenly looked at something and saw it in a new light? Share what your green realizations have been in the comments!

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