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I missed posting my menu last Sunday, but that’s not something I plan to do this week. I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes this week, stepping out of my comfort zone to try some hopefully exciting flavors.

Vegetables are hard to come by cheap right now. I keep hoping to find a good greenhouse near me that is selling, but so far no luck. Instead I’m skipping some of my favorite outside treats to afford a few extra vegetables. I also skipped the fresh fruit for bags of frozen. Not as delicious, but much cheaper. Here’s what I’m making for dinner this week:

Sunday: Mashed potatoes, homemade chicken noodle soup. The man has been begging for some old fashioned chicken and noodles, so I’m obliging a small pot of it. I love mine poured over a heap of mashed potatoes with garlic and real butter. Yum!

Monday: Roasted green beans and peppers, homemade mac & cheese, veggie burgers

Tuesday: Sesame carrots, pasta with walnut-pesto, salad

Wednesday: Oven fries, roasted vegetables, pasta

Thursday: Roasted vegetable and feta sandwich,

Friday: Spaghetti, salad

Saturday: Caramelized Onion & White Bean Flatbread, homemade coleslaw

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  1. Jenna / Mindful Menus / Chivetalkindotcom Says:

    Hey Summer!!! Great menu plan this week! The white bean flatbread sounds awesome. Come link up… Mr. Linky is waiting for ya

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