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LOOK Both Ways
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Or hold house was in the perfect location. Three blocks from the park and library, a couple more blocks to the shops downtown, and if I felt snackish a little further to a Subway. Only if the weather was bad, or we were going to the grocery store, did we need the car.

Here, we are not as lucky. Though the park is semi-close, it is still too far for the kids to make it. There is a Walmart almost walking distance, but A) again, the kids can’t make it, and B) it’s Walmart. All around us are fields and cows and wide open spaces. Cut through by a couple well-traveled mini-highways. Great for scenery, not so great when we need to go somewhere.

Since our move I’ve been thinking about getting a bike. I found a gorgeous retro bike, mint green with cream details, for a reasonable price. But that still leaves the kids. There is only 2 roads from my house to town, and both are heavily traveled sub-highways with no sidewalks. The 6 year-old is questionable, the 4 year-old is absolutely not mature enough to stay out of the middle of the road when cars are zooming past. And then there’s the baby, who thinks seats she has to be belted into are evil.

As it is now, Craig’s List has been a deadman’s land for bike trailers, and there isn’t a Freecycle here (I really need to apply to start one). I want to drive less, but most of the advice I find is geared towards family’s with 1 child and living in a suburban area. Riding through a deep ditch growing with cacti to avoid heavy traffic with three kids is not the peaceful car-free experience I keep reading about.

Whenever public transit and bicycles are proposed as solutions, a small but vocal group of naysayers argue that they cannot bicycle to the grocery store and carry groceries, or schlep their children to day care on buses. Some of these concerns are valid for some people, but most people are physically able and resourceful enough to manage. -The Moral Imperative of the BP Oil Spill: Drive 20 Percent Less

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So I’m going to look for alternative ideas for getting out of the house. Maybe try solo-grocery shopping in the evenings, or attempt to carefully cut through a field.

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