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Yesterday I opened a box to pull out a new Blackberry of my very own. On the outside, not a very green thing to do. But you see, my phone is different.

I’m the newest member of the Credo nation, a phone service that donates to various green and progressive causes. They plant trees, use soy based ink, and helps offset Carbon usage. They also sent me a sweet Solio solar powered charger for my phone. Yep, my phone is solar powered and that makes me happy.

Finding companies that support the things I support can be difficult. There is so much green washing that goes on, false promises and half hearted claims. Soda companies and bleach manufacturers have all claimed to be “green” when they hope it will bring in additional revenue. It has gotten to the point where you cannot trust any company that claims to be earth friendly without doing a mountain of research first.

Combining the use of a phone like a Blackberry with my goals to be simpler have been tricky, I will admit. Because I do 99% of my work online I wanted a way to stay on top of work. Yet, there is decidedly something not simple about being tethered to work and the internet 24/7. And yet, being able to glance at my email or my to-do list at a moment’s notice so far makes me feel less stressed. There’s no suddenly realizing I forgot something important or putting off going to the store while waiting for a necessary email back. Being tied in makes me feel a little more free.

Right now Credo is offering 2 Blackberry Curve phones for only $50, which is a freakishly awesome deal. And, if you tell them that I sent you their way I’ll get a little bonus. (You have to enter my phone number to list me as a referral)

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One Response to “My Phone Has A Message”

  1. Derek Says:

    That sounds like a great step - a solar powered phone, plus a company that gives to positive causes!

    I’ll have to check into that, thanks!

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