Mindful Menus - Week of 12/28/2009

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I have decided to join the Mindful Menus over at Chive Talkin’. It’s a once a week meme where participants share their healthy meal menus for the week. Better eating through peer pressure and group participation.And there is a challenge for everyone to join in.

I generally print my menus off from E-Mealz each week and roughly follow them. Some days we skip, or change things based on what we have and my family’s picky tastes. Here is what we are enjoying for dinner this week

Sunday: Steak, homemade onion rings, green beans Yes, we are having steak. From a local grass-fed cow, but steak the same. I just couldn’t resist the sad eyes I was getting from my beef eater any longer.

Monday: Spaghetti made from whole wheat pasta and homemade sauce. I flubbed the sauce pretty badly last time, I’m hoping I won’t make the same mistake twice. Also, a nice salad and maybe some garlic bread.

Tuesday: Bean tostadas. Mix heaps of black beans with tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and some cheese. Yum!

Wednesday: Butter beans, cornbread. When it’s snowing outside I live for excuses to make big bowls of beans and cornbread.

Thursday: Stir-fry. I’ve got a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies that keep calling my name.

Friday: Lentil soup. This is a new recipe so I hope it turns out decent. The recipe seems simple, just lentils with rice and carrots seasons with curry powder. If it turns out too bad to eat, leftovers are likely.

Saturday: Roasted peppers with pine nuts and feta cheese. I’m not too sure my kids will eat this so I might have to make a back-up meal for them. But for me it sounds so good.

So that’s what we’re eating for dinner this week. If you want to go ahead and share your meal plan too! And you can link it up by adding it here.

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