I Wish I Had A Blender

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Super Blender
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I am obviously not a normal woman.

For Christmas I received a gorgeous silver ring set, sparkly and new, that would be the dream gift for most women I know. Me? I’m moping that I didn’t get the blender I had hoped for. Yes, a blender.

All I really want is to be able to toss some fruits and veggies into the the jar and mix them up into a yummy green smoothie. I would like to get back into my once a day smoothie habit. Drinking my veggies is just so much easier for me, especially when I have a dozen things to do with the kids.

Yesterday I managed to make a run to the local thrift store and scored a nearly new bread machine, instruction included, for only $8. While I was there I found a decent looking Juiceman Jr. that was tagged as works fine. For a while I thought this little juicer would be the temporary answer to my blenderless prayers, until I tried to use it. It juiced my carrots fine, but there was a lot of clunking sounds and a burning smell involved. I don’t think I’m brave enough to use it again, though from the Amazon.com reviews it seems the burning smell happens to new Juiceman Jr. juicers too.

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6 Responses to “I Wish I Had A Blender”

  1. Shannon Says:

    This post made me laugh. The first gift my husband ever got me - by request - was a rolling pin. It was exactly what I wanted and he got me a really nice one that I still have and use 15 years later. Over the years I’ve gotten a kitchen aid stand mixer, a food processor, a juicer, and various kitchen utensils - all by request. I guess I’m not a normal woman either. :0)

  2. Zoe V. Says:

    Hon, get yourself a Vita-Mix and you’ll never have to buy any other blender. I just got mine for my 30th birthday in December and already lost 10 lbs. just by drinking green smoothies! It’s the most used gadget in our kitchen at least 3x a day. We love it! It’s so worth the $500. It’ll pay for itself in a couple of years of being absolutely healthy.

    P.S. I have a video on my blog opening the Vita-Mix. Check it out if you want to know what it looks like when it arrive to your home.

  3. Zoe V. Says:

    Oh yeah, as for the juicer, get the Breville Elite. It’s the best centrifugal juicer on the market and it’s made of die cast iron, which will last you long, long time. The pulp is dry and it’s easy to clean!

  4. Summer Says:

    LOL There are few things on this earth I’ll pay $500 for, and a blender is not one of them. Besides cost, it’s in no way justifiable for me to buy a new kitchen gadget when there are still working used ones taking up space.

  5. Zoe V. Says:

    Summer, if you ever try the Vita-Mix, you’ll know exactly what I mean. I used to have a good Cuisinart blender I thought it worked great UNTIL Vita-Mix was put in action, and you know what, THERE IS NO COMPARISON! It’s like putting a KEA next to Cadillac and calling them the same. No wonder Vita-Mix is part of every raw fooder kitchen.

  6. Summer Says:

    Vitamix may very well be the most wonderful blender in the entire universe. However, I am deeply opposed to spending $500 on anything as frivolous as a blender and buying new when perfectly good used blenders are available. I would not buy a Porche, even though I am aware of what great cars they are. I would not buy a flat screen TV, even though I am aware of what great TVs they are. That $500 would be far better served by spending it to feed the poor, buy clothes for the homeless, or donating it to a worthy charity.

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