How Do You Deal With the Heat

June 20, 2010 :: Posted by - Summer :: Garden :: Comments Off

My poor plants!

The peppers and strawberries seem to be fading fast in the heat, and I think the peas are already goners. Despite keeping them in the shade during the hottest parts of the day, and making sure they are watered deeply, the heat is shriveling them up. And we haven’t even hit the hottest part of the summer yet.

Mulch is supposed to be good to keep moisture in, so I plan to try a little around the tops of my containers. I may also buy some of the water bulbs to help make sure the water is getting deep into the soil before it evaporates. I may even see if I can create some sort of sunshade out of an old sheet I don’t need anymore.

But other than that, I’m stumped.

There is not enough room in this tiny house to bring them in. Well, there is, but it would mean getting rid of the kids and the cat. Hmmm, the plants are a lot quieter ….

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