Finally, Baking Bread Right

December 21, 2009 :: Posted by - Summer :: Books, Food :: (2) Comments

I was a very good girl this year, Santa brought me The Backyard Homestead,
Great Yarns for the Close-Knit Family, and Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life. I closed my eyes and pointed at random to which one I would read first, which happened to be Made From Scratch. I’m a fee chapters in and already loving this book. Woginrich is a hilarious writer, and open about her failures as much as her triumphs. Something that I’m thrilled to read after reading too many books by perfect people.

I’s good for my ego to know that someone else manages to mess up often enough.

Yesterday evening we gave the bread recipe she shared a try. After my many bread disasters I was less than hopeful. But I was willing to try. After all, I had a packet of yeast left over and time to kill while my dinner cooked. How could I not give it a try? Especially when I had a cute little helper.

The bread didn’t turn out the prettiest, but it tasted like heaven. It was warm and soft, not at all hard like my previous loaves had been. Maybe it was just luck, but I finally got a loaf of bread right. And just in time for the holidays too.

Next up, I’m giving a shot at making butter. I never even considered it before. In my head were visions of long hours spent at a churn. Apparently I can make it in a few hours with a mason jar.

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2 Responses to “Finally, Baking Bread Right”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Awesome! Sounds like a great book. I’ll have to check that out. Butter in a mason jar? I like the sound of that too.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. I Made Butter | Wired For Noise Says:

    [...] got the recipe for it from the book Made From Scratch, one of my holiday gifts this year. I also made a loaf of bread from the book. You know, to go with the butter. And no, [...]

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