Tips For Buying Organic Food on a Budget

June 07, 2010 :: Posted by - Summer :: Food, Green Living, Shopping :: (1) Comment

Rows of Veggies

As the cost of food continues to rise, many people find themselves needing to choose more carefully what they will buy. Buying organic foods is often the choice that we want to make, yet the higher costs make it seem impossible. However, with a willingness to make a few simple changes anyone on a tight budget can enjoy organic foods in their kitchen.

If you want to find organic foods at lower costs, the first step is to stop shopping at your local grocery stores. Many of the foods found grocery stores, even in the organic sections, have been imported from around the world. This is how they can offer fruits and vegetables out of season all year long. The cost of shipping and transporting adds to the cost that customers must pay. Instead, look for local producers who will more likely have a lower price. Read more…

2009 Green Moms Christmas Gift Guide

November 27, 2009 :: Posted by - Summer :: Shopping :: (2) Comments

Creative Commons License photo credit: lissalou66

I started putting together a sort of wish list for myself, but as it grew others took notice and commented they wanted some of the same gifts. That’s when I decided to make a Christmas gift list full of things green moms would want. Have a tree-hugging, organic eating, recycling mom in your life and not sure what to buy her? Here you go! Read more…

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