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Dark Chocolate 10/26/2007
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A few days ago, on my personal blog, I wrote a bit about Nestle making a small effort to become more sustainable. Chocolate is my weakness, and also one of the biggest problems in the international food world. Most chocolates come from farms that practice slave labor and unsustainable farming practices. Needless to say, eating chocolate is an internal struggle.

Within a few hours of posting I received an email from a company named Ritter Sport, a German chocolate company that cares about where their chocolate comes from. They were awarded an ÖKO-TREND Company Certificate for their social commitment as a company.

The world isn’t just made of chocolate. That’s why it has always been a fundamental value of our company to look beyond our own realm, to operate sustainably and to be socially involved. Our efforts to protect our natural resources are a top priority with every expansion effort.

Today, I opened my door to a box nearly over flowing with chocolate bars, sent with love from Ritter Sport. Because it doesn’t matter how great a company is if their chocolate tastes bad. It had to be taste tested before my approval.

The first thing that happened as I ripped open the box and began dumping the bars out is that my oldest son asked me why people were sending me chocolate. His second question was if he could have a bar to eat, naturally.

But his question made an impression with me. Bloggers, especially “mommy bloggers” have gotten a lot of grief over getting things from companies to review and share. Too many bloggers are willing to write a glowing review for every single product they receive, good or bad. Yet, I still think there is room in the blogosphere for product reviews.

Why did they send me chocolate? Simple, to spread the word about their company. The real question is why am I writing about them? Because I think people need to be aware that there are companies out there who choose ethical practices, who don’t put profit above all else, who are worth spending our money on. I think it is certainly possible to blog for a better world, for a greener world, and for greener products.

I wouldn’t write a happy review for Ritter Sport simply because they sent me chocolate bars, but because they are active in sustainable farming practices, reforestation, and helping farmers earn a living wage.

Project CACAONICA’s goal is, therefore, the ideal and realistic demonstration of a sustainable agricultural model that protects the existing forest, incentivises reforestation and ensures soil fertility through natural means insofar as possible. At the same time, farmers’ incomes are consequently improved, their economic situations strengthened, and the rural exodus countered

The company is impressive, their commitment is refreshing, but what about the chocolate itself? Delicious! And there are so many different flavors you are going to find something that you love. I swoon over the milk chocolate with hazelnuts, while my toddler practically inhaled the milk chocolate with yogurt. Chocolate covered yogurt, who would have guessed? The dark chocolate is far less bitter than most dark chocolates I have ever eaten, which is a good thing for me. And for my sad-about-giving-up-Kit-Kat-bars Michael the cream-filled wafers with praline bars were like a tiny miracle.

I’m actually having a hard time not eating all of the bars myself after promising to give a few out to friends so they can try as well. Do I really have to let them go?

I have not been able to find any of the Ritter Sport bars in my local stores, though I did find Ritter Sport chocolates on If you visit they have a list of stores in the US that sell their bars.

My final thoughts, 4 out of 5 leaves. Sustainability, fair trade, delicious, and innovative. They only lose one leaf for not being local. Shipping food products globally do quite a bit of damage, even though I understand the need behind it.

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3 Responses to “Blogging For A Greener Chocolate”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I love Ritter Sport chocolate. Love it. Fortunately, I can find it here at our local stores in DFW.

    Nom nom nom.

    Enjoy your haul!

  2. Wired For Noise » Birthday Wishes and Chocolate Says:

    [...] I’ve got a review up on my green blog about Ritter Sport Chocolates. They’re a sustainable, eco-friendly company that sent me a box full of chocolate to eat. [...]

  3. Tiffany @ NOH Says:

    I had no idea they were marketing their bars over in the US now. Or that they are so eco-friendly. The range of different kinds of chocolate bars always blows my mind. I send lots of them to friends in the US for Christmas. I think they’re quite tasty myself but my husband prefers Milka…as long as it’s yummy chocolcate, I don’t really care

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