Bigger Than A Bread Box

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I finally got around to using my bread machine, but I think I did something wrong.

The recipe book that was in the machine listed each recipe in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. I wasn’t sure which size my machine was so I choose medium. I think I should have went with small. I was able to cut one slice in half and use it for a decent size sandwich. Despite the size, it was delicious. It was wonderful coming home from below freezing temperatures to a house smelling like bread. Once I added homemade butter it was to die for.

Reading through the guide I found a section in the back telling how to make jam with the machine. I wish some sort of fruit was in season here now so I could try to make some. I might give in and buy some berries from the store just to try it out and see how well it works. My guide book doesn’t have a recipe for the jam, but I did find a few recipes online using my bread machine. The only problem is that none of them list pectin as an ingredient. I thought pectin was a vital part of jam making.

Once I get jam making figured out, I’m moving on to pickles. And salsa. Than maybe some sauces and soups.

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One Response to “Bigger Than A Bread Box”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Summer, I have only made jam once, but my research revealed that you don’t actually have to put pectin in the jam. Some fruits are naturally high in pectin, others aren’t. You can google to find lists of what is what. What I read seemed to suggest that the real issue about whether or not you use pectin is how long it’s going to take your fruit/juice to set up; 5 or 10 minutes with pectin vs. 45 minutes or an hour without (more or less). Your fruit and juice and sugar should cook down to the right consitency sooner or later either way. It seems that the preservative agent in jam is the sugar, which is why the sugar content is so high. I’m no expert, but that’s what I learned this past year when I looked into it a little. If you follow the recipe it should be ok whether it has pectin or not.

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