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Yesterday was the local food coop pick-up day, and along with some yummy foods I also walked away with a collection of plants. Four small strawberry plants, and one large thornless blackberry plant. Tomorrow they get to be moved onto the back patio with the rest of my container garden, where they will hopefully make good friends.

I know it is a little (or a lot) late in the season, but when I saw that a local farm was selling them I could not pass up the opportunity. I loved picking fresh berries at my grandmother’s house when I was a little girl. How could I not want to pass on a tradition like that?

The blackberry plant is already two years old, which I was told was the perfect age. It is just getting ready to produce, but will not go into shock at being moved and transplanted. The strawberries are younger, so they will probably not give me much berries now, but they should take to being handled well. I have always had bad luck with strawberries in the past, so I have my fingers crossed that at least one of these will survive.

I only have one hanging basket though. I doubt all four plants could go into one, so I am still trying to decide what to do with the other three. I considered my soda bottle planters, but everything I put in them have died so far. Maybe an empty milk jug would be better?

Whatever I use, I’m just excited to add some berries to the garden space. Grow baby, grow!

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