5 Homesteading Books I Want To Read

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I’ve got a pretty small collection of books on sustainability and sustainable living. The fact that my collection is so small is actually an oddity considering I’ve got more books than I have clothes. I may have more books that all the clothes I’ve worn in my life.

I’ve got a few dozen books in my wish list, all of them I want now. But I was somehow able to cut it down to the top 5 books I really want now. In no specific order these are the ones on the top of my to-buy list.

  • Country Wisdom & Know-How from the editors of Storey Books

    Reminiscent in both spirit and design of the beloved Whole Earth Catalog, Country Wisdom & Know-How is an unprecedented collection of information on nearly 200 individual topics of country and self-sustained living. Compiled from the information in Storey Publishing’s landmark series of “Country Wisdom Bulletins,” this book is the most thorough and reliable volume of its kind. Organized by general topic including animals, cooking, crafts, gardening, health and well-being, and home, it is further broken down to cover dozens of specifics from “Building Chicken Coops” to “Making Cheese, Butter, and Yogurt” to “Improving Your Soil” to “Restoring Hardwood Floors.” Nearly 1,000 black-and-white illustrations and photographs run throughout and fascinating projects and trusted advice crowd every page.

  • The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It by John Seymour

    The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It is the only book that teaches all the skills needed to live independently in harmony with the land harnessing natural forms of energy, raising crops and keeping livestock, preserving foodstuffs, making beer and wine, basketry, carpentry, weaving, and much more. Our 2009 edition includes 150 new full-color illustrations and a special section in which John Seymour, the father of the back to basics movement, explains the philosophy of self-sufficiency and its power to transform lives and create communities. More relevant than ever in our high-tech world, The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It is the ultimate practical guide for realists and dreamers alike.

  • Living on An Acre: A Practical Guide to the Self-Reliant Life edited by Christine Woodside

    Who hasn’t daydreamed at one time or another about selling produce at a farmer’s market, keeping chickens, or planting an orchard of fruit trees? Inside every do-it-yourselfer is a longing for a more independent lifestyle and the satisfaction that can come from getting your hands dirty while turning some earth.
    Whether you’re thinking about a second home in the country, starting a part-time farm, or going back to the land, Living on an Acre is the classic USDA handbook, offering a comprehensive and fully updated approach to:.
    · considering the benefits of rural versus urban life
    · what to think about when remodeling an older house
    · how to build a barn
    · growing for self-sufficiency versus growing for profit
    · beekeeping
    · raising livestock
    · land conservation
    · and much more!

  • The Big Book of Self-Reliant Living edited and compiled by Walter Szykitka

    Rural homesteaders and urban apartment dwellers alike will find a mother lode of practical information packed into this completely revised and updated edition of the ultimate how-to handbook for all generations. The Big Book of Self-Reliant Living brings together in one single volume a wealth of knowledge and useful instruction on just about every imaginable aspect of self-sufficiency - from building a dwelling to getting more milage out of a car.

  • How to Live on Almost Nothing and Have Plenty by Janet Chadwick

    This book combines the humorous as well as the practical side of homesteading. Janet Chadwick tells about the aspects of what it took for her and her family to be self sufficient in their daily lives. She covers the small homestead garden, raising of animals and even throws in some crafts and wine recipes. This book will tell the necessary equipment needed as well as what to raise and grow for a family who wishes to embark on the adventure of living off their homesteads instead of depending on the convenience of modern society.

What books would you recommend? Which ones are on the top of your reading list?

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